Obsidian Entertainment sent out the first screenshot for Project Eternity, their upcoming PC RPG. It doesn't have any characters in it but gives us a good look at the world itself.

Project Eternity aims to capture the magic of Dungeons and Dragons PC RPG's like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. It's a tactical, party-based RPG with an isometric camera. The combat takes place in real-time but the player can pause at will to reposition characters or queue up attacks and spells.

Eternity isn't a D&D RPG, though. Instead, it takes place in a completely original world. The art released so far suggests it will be medieval fantasy just like the games that inspired it, though.

The game will be funded by Kickstarter funds. The initial goal was $1.1 million, but gamers have donated over $2.6 million over the past month. The extra money gained is going toward player housing, Mac and Linux versions and additional character options among other things. The final stretch goal of $3.5 million will add another massive city to the world.

The Kickstarter drive will end on October 16th. If you're interested in donating, head here.

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