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We don't know a whole lot about the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO from Bethesda but we do know that it's going to vary greatly from the standard releases over there. One small group, however, wants to bring the open-world exploration, shared dungeons and go-anywhere, do-anything mechanics of the Elder Scrolls to their MMO, Project: Gorgon.

The game is being hailed as a mix of Asheron's Call meets EverQuest meets NetHack. Players will be able to explore dungeons that aren't instanced (and thank goodness for this, it was one of the few good things about Mortal Online) and hones in on organic gameplay as opposed to theme-park gameplay. Check it out in the Kickstarter video below.

I really like games that are setup like this, where players can just freely explore, gather items and interact with the world around them as if it's an actual world. I know a lot of gamers have become disenchanted with the World of Warcraft-clone mentality where you're just walking through a themepark to do quests everyone else is doing and to participate in events everyone else is participating in as if they're on a fun-filled attraction of some sort...just without the fun part.

If Project: Gorgon can deliver what it promises then that would be a huge feat for MMO gamers looking for something similar to Mortal Online or Ultima with a hint of Elder Scrolls.

The project has a rather small Kickstarter goal of $55,000 and if the concept intrigues you enough you can pledge some funds by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.