Sci-Fi movies and novels have promised that antigravity cars are on the way, so we owe it to ourselves as citizens of the future to start preparing for that new mode of transportation as soon as possible. While iOS users have been able to bone up on their hover-car skills with Protoxide: Death Race for a while now, the developers at HeroCraft have announced that an Android version is now ready to roll. Or float, really.

Protoxide: Death Race is a fast and furious racer that offers quite a bit of content for its meager $0.99 asking price. Players get to pilot battle-ready future cars through a single player campaign, individual races, battles and even a multiplayer mode that pits racers against one another from all over the world.

If you’ve played games like F-Zero or Wipeout, we have the basic idea. Still, here’s a gander at the Protoxide trailer for iOS.

Protoxide: Death Race is finally available on Android devices. To download it, simply head on over to Google Play, strap in and get ready to leave the pavement in an ultra-fast sprint for the finish line. For a single buck, you’ll get four single player modes, the Wi-Fi multiplayer, 12 vehicles and 16 tracks in four locations.

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