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Blendo Games' first-person, platform, cyber-punk hacking game, Quadrilateral Cowboy is a real breath of fresh air from many other games out there. Why? Because it looks like a serious challenge and the new video footage kind of confirms that old-school cyber-punk fans are in for a treat.

The game is an indie title of course (like any major pub would ever bother publishing this game?) and the concept is ingenious: You're a hacker and you use your portable hacking device to hack stuff. It's like Mirror's Edge for the slightly less athletic combined with the old click-and-adventure games from the late 80s and early 90s. Check it out below, courtesy of

I like the game's premise. It's a little dated in the presentation, but again, graphics are only necessary for helping to convey the story and they seem to do just enough to make the game feel nostalgic in a way. It reminds me a little bit of that old 3D Star Trek game on PC or a little bit of System Shock.

For new-school gamers, the “hacking” in Quadrilateral Cowboy is actually quite similar to the syntax coding in Qbasic titles from way back in the DOS days of gaming. Little bit of gaming history there.

You can look for Quadrilateral Cowboy to launch in 2013 for PC. Need to learn more? Well you won't find out much on the Official Website but you can take a trip there anyway.

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