The company that made first-person shooters famous, is now about to take multiplayer team-gameplay to the next level. That’s right, id Software’s Quake Wars: Enemy Territory is almost nearing completion, but first they have to make sure all the bugs are out. So they’ve opted for a beta that the public can partake in.

Easily Quake Wars will be one of the coolest PC and console (i.e., PS3/Xbox 360) games to come out this summer. Getting the privilege to beta test this game among 60,000 other gamers will be nothing short of a great experience. Now the good news is that while only FilePlanet subscribers are eligible for playing the beta, in a couple of days anyone can participate, all you have to do is sign up with FilePlanet (because they are the ones hosting the beta) and bam! You’re eligible for participation.

And if I didn’t make myself quite clear before, this is a first-come, first-serve basis for the beta, and only 60,000 gamers will be able to make it in. You can visit FilePlanet or the Official Enemy Territory Website for more info and the chance to gear up for id’s Quake Wars: Enemy Territory beta.

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