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Yesterday we alerted gamers about Qualcomm Atheros giving away a Dell XPS 15 gaming laptop. Today, we're alerting gamers about Qualcomm giving away an Alienware M14x gaming laptop with Killer's Wireless-N 1202 Network Card.

Qualcomm has been in a very generous mood lately, and it's all to the benefit of gamers. Their latest gesture of goodwill to the guys and gals of the gaming community includes a free Alienware gaming laptop.

The M14x is one mean BAMF, coming equipped with the case-rocking, heat-blasting, game-humping Intel i7 2860QM quad-core processor and 8 mean gigabytes of DDR3 SDRAM that clocks in at 1.6ghz. With 750GB of storage you won't have to worry about picking and choosing which games you have stored on the mean machine, and the 3.0GB of dedicated DDR3 VRAM in the Nvidia GeForce GT 555M means that you can play the latest and greatest games on the 14inch monitor without losing a frame.

The added Killer Wireless-N 1202 high-powered network card also means that not only will you be able to pump out some of the craziest framerates possible for today's AAA titles, but you also one miss a beat with 1MS latency...that's right, 1MS latency. You'll have competitors in FPS games claiming that you're a finger-clicking, macro-using hacker your latency will be so smooth. In fact, you'll be playing games so fast and so sleek that when you get head shots you'll be fast enough to walk around to the other side of your opponent and actually see the bullet exiting through the back of their head. Badass.

In fact, you'll be burning more holes in opponents faster than potheads in Washington state can burn holes in their munchies-sweaters after marijuana became legalized.

You can enter to win the Alienware M14x gaming laptop just like with Qualcomm's other contest for the Dell XPS 15...just head on over to the Official Facebook Page and follow the three easy steps and poof, you'll be eligible to game like a hardcore legend. Good luck.