When RAGE released last year it did so amidst a mammoth marketing campaign and it was being billed as a next-gen game for current generation consoles. Well, when it landed on PC it did so with glitches that broke the game and less than impressive features. While the PC crowd has mostly given up on the game id Software still has plans to win the PC community back by releasing the mod tools soon.

In a tweet let loose just before the madness of E3 got underway, technical director at id Software, John Carmack, had a brief tweet about what gamers or rather modders, can expect from the studio. Responding to a tweet asking what the status was on a 64bit toolkit for RAGE, Carmack simply stated in the tweet that...
the Rage tools are in final testing, should release soon. I feel awful that it has taken so long.

Sorry Carmack, you took too long. Modders have already moved on from their hopes and dreams of modding RAGE to Arma II and DayZ...yep, that's where the real bread and butter is. Hopes and dreams were also crushed with Battlefield 3 after DICE nixed any means of releasing tools for the FrostBite 2.0 powered military shooter.

Still, I guess it's better late than never. The modding community is exceptionally resilient despite the systems being more and more closed towards the community. Activision closed off any modding possibilities with Call of Duty because they're making so much money right now on DLC and premium zombie mods that I doubt we'll ever see modding tools for that game again until it stops making $1 billion each year.

In the case of RAGE, someone might be able to breathe some new life into the game and maybe get the PC community enthused about the game once more. But the rocky start, the poor support and the mind boggling glitches are going to be tough for some people to overcome.

On the upside, in addition to new tools, Bethesda is at least looking at expanding on the RAGE franchise with more properties, according to NeoSeeker. So even if you're not into the modding community, there's still hope for RAGE.

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