Trion Worlds announced the very first expansion pack to their MMORPG RIFT today. RIFT Storm Legion will arrive this fall and bring with it a host of new content for high-level players.

Storm Legion adds two new continents, effectively triping the game world's size. A host of new dungeons and raid zones are included as well. The social hub of these new areas is Tempest Bay, a stronghold shared by both Guardians and Defiant. The two factions will battle Crucia, the Queen of the Storms.

The expansion raises the level cap to 60. As usual, you'll be able to advance through these levels with a combination of PvP, quests, Instant Adventure and more. Each Calling will receive a new Soul, giving you new options for class customization. Players will also be able to sharpen their crafting skills to Grandmaster level, unlocking several new recipes in the process.

Storm is filled with a bunch of smaller features as well. Players and guilds will be able to own their own customizable spaces (i.e. housing). Capes will enable players to look fashionable and boost their stats at the same time. Expect a host of puzzles, achievements, mounts, pets and more to collect.

"The world of Telara is massive and sprawling, and players have only experienced a slice of what it has to offer," said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer and Trion’s Chief Creative Officer. "Storm Legion is the next chapter in the Rift adventure, and takes players deeper than ever before. The expansion offers players an incredible amount of content – new zones, huge overland boss fights featuring hundreds of players, and ‘Dimensions’ a feature akin to housing that lets players socialize with friends in their own customizable space."

Trion's been providing a steady flow of free updates to RIFT since the game's launch over a year ago. Premium expansion packs seem inevitable with MMO's, though. The dramatic changes they make provide a spark to the player base and lead to a lot of renewed subscriptions. The money earned from selling the expansions helps keep the developer well-fed, too.

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