Trion Worlds has released the first full expansion pack for their fantasy MMORPG RIFT. Storm Legion can be purchased through various retailers for $39.99.

Legion adds two new continents for players to explore. New quests await them there, along with dungeons, raids and a Chronicle. By playing through this new content, players will work toward the new level cap of 60.

The expansion pack also brings new customization options for players. Each calling in the game now has an additional Soul for creating custom classes. A new cape equipment slot allows players to boost their stats further and look fashionable while doing it. Guilds and players alike can create and own custom areas called Dimensions.

If you don't own RIFT yet, you can buy the base game and Legion for $49.99. For an additional $20, you can get the Infinity Edition of the expansion that comes with a Mini Regulos pet, Cyclone mount, and Brevanic portal generator.

It's worth noting that complete newbies don't need to pay anything at all to try the game out. Since February, newcomers have been able to advance to level 20 for free.

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