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Perfect World Entertainment's RaiderZ is currently the best free-to-play themepark MMO out there. The skill-based game and weighty combat physics puts it on par as a challenging experience that you would oftentimes find on a home console. PWE sent out some new screenshots to indicate that the game's endgame is about to be extended.

Right now the max level in RaiderZ is 35 and as an early release the MMO has some surprising amounts of replay value to keep high levels battling for bigger, better and stronger gear. Well, if you're ready for some more content and new areas to explore, enemies to battle and dungeons to crawl through, you're in luck because new screenshots have been released to indicate that some new content is inbound.

New endgame bosses have been added, and presumably the next level cap will be 40. A duel arena is inbound along with new weapons, armor and locations to explore.

For those wondering what makes RaiderZ the best out of the bunch, it's quite easy: the game's graphics are absolutely top notch. The combat mechanics mirror games like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls and the ability to mix and match classes to create a play-style that suits your gaming habits makes the game truly unique and versatile, also enabling gamers to do things like take down a dungeon boss with only two or three people instead of using a full party. The ability to dodge, block, evade and counter-attack makes for some of the most intense and memorable battles in any game.

PWE and Maietz Entertainment really out-did themselves with RaiderZ and it's hard to imagine that the game is even free-to-play to begin with. Still, if you've already maxed out your character and looking for more content, check out the new screenshots to help tide you over until the next patch arrives.

You can hop into the game right now by signing up and visiting the official website.