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Maiet Entertainment and Perfect World Entertainment have released a new promo trailer for RaiderZ, the free-to-play action-MMO that combines deep questing with a dynamic, fast-paced combat system. The trailer showcases the dangers beyond the Great Wall of Silence, as the journey expands beyond the level 35 limit.

For those who have hit end-game for RaiderZ, the launch of the new content is probably a fresh breath of air as the game was probably grating on those who had already maxed out their characters. You can check out the new content below, as the journey beyond the Great Wall continues with a new dungeon, new gear, new enemies and new bosses.

RaiderZ has easily been one of the very best MMOs I've ever played. It has tight controls and combat that you would expect from a console game, but with all the benefits, teaming, PvP and open-world antics you would expect from a standard MMO. The best part about the game is that it has one of the most unobtrusive cash shops in any free-to-play.

The game is available right now, along with the expansion pack that takes the adventure beyond the wall that kept out all the big nasty creatures. You can register and start playing the game by visiting the Official Website.