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The newest promo trailer for RaiderZ comes from this year's PAX Prime. Perfect World Entertainment and Maiet Entertainment released the trailer to help round out what gamers can expect from the loot-and-hunt MMORPG, and I must say that the game looks very impressive. The theme of the game is basically a play on the quote from the TV series Lost, only instead of "Live together, die alone" it's been changed to "Hunt together or die alone."

The trailer doesn't detail any of the leisure downtime functions present in the game, such as singing, dancing or playing instruments in the social districts, instead the following trailer focuses on the game's boss hunts.

Boss hunting is very similar to hunting boss monsters in Monster Hunter. You need special equipment and the right mindset to take down the bosses, as well as able-bodied teammates. Each boss also has various patterns and abilities, so fighting one boss is not the same as fighting another, and each one will require different tactics in order to overcome.

You can check out various parties doing battle in instanced boss areas with the PAX Prime trailer below.

It looks good and it looks fresh. It seems to have a mix of Monster Hunter meets Vindictus. There's really no telling if the game has the complexity of boss battles like Vindictus, where you're chaining them up or using physics-based environmental effects to your advantage. Still, what is on display in the trailer looks like a lot of fun and the non-targeting gameplay is a welcomed change to the typical skill-spam fest that litters most other MMOs.

You can sign up for the closed beta of RaiderZ right now or learn more about the game, its features, functions and game world by paying a visit to the Official Website. They're currently accepting closed beta participants.

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