A free demo has launched for the recently released first-person, vehicular, post-apocalyptic, multiplayer shooter Ravaged. The game managed to get Kickstarted successfully and has found some success on Steam, but the release of the free demo should help the game pick up some positive word of mouth amongst the peers of core gamers.

Ravaged has been on the radar of many game sites ever since the game was originally announced back in January of this year. The cool looking concept renders would eventually go on to actually represent the game itself, showcasing a high-quality title wrapped into a neat post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter.

The demo for Ravaged doesn't come all on its own, though. The demo arrives with updates to the core game as well, including better balancing on the maps, better respawn protection, an adjustment to the minimum amount of votes required to kick a player, better performance optimizations, as well as better balancing to weapon-based vehicles.

The demo itself contains two playable game modes, a map and enough action to give you an idea of what to expect from the budget-priced shooter. If you're not into demos and you already know that this is a game for you, Ravaged can be picked up for $24.99 from Steam right now.

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