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Razer Orochi Black Chrome Gaming Mouse Now Available

One of the good things about using a mouse and keyboard for most games is that for strategy titles it’s easy to micromanage on the fly and for shooter games it’s easy to land headshots. The precision of a mouse is hard to match on a controller and Razer’s new black chrome Orochi will make it even harder to give up playing with the mouse and keyboard combination.

The company announced today that a brand new version of their Razer Orochi is available for avid PC gamers. According to the press release…

The striking, glossy finish accentuates its ergonomic design, making this the most desirable weapon for gaming on-the-go. Supreme in its performance and seductive in its presence, the Razer Orochi Black Chrome Edition thrives in its ability to keep its poise and class in the thickest of action.

Hands down, the mouse looks straight-up sexy. If you plan on gaming in style, with a snazzy chrome mouse under your fingertips, then you can’t go wrong with the Razer Orochi.

You can learn more about the new black chrome edition of the Razer mouse by heading on over to the Official Website. The mouse retails for $79.99.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.