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Just after the new year gamers will be able to sign-up and participate in the upcoming multiplayer beta for Playstos' new racing title, Real World Racing. The company announced that they've made some real head-way in development and the game is about ready to take the next step and evolve into a public beta for stress testing and bug fixing.

The game is a different take on the top-down racing genre, offering players 80 different cars with real-world physics and aerial photorealistic racing environments. This gives the game a simulation feel despite looking like a typical top-down arcade racer. Props to the team for at least going about the racing genre in a different way.

You can check out the game in one of the few trailers out there.

In case the trailer didn't convince you enough...the game will have real-time lighting and weather effects, more than 50 tracks from world famous cities, full multiplayer support for up to 16 players and dynamic vehicle physics and simulation.

Real World Racing is currently looking for continued to support on Steam's Greenlight service, where the community votes in the game that deserves to be on the Steam store.

You can learn more about Real World Racing or vote the game up on the Official Greenlight Page if top-down, physics-based racing is something you dig.