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If you’re looking for an epic RPG in the palm of your hands and you don’t feel like springing for a handheld console, then might I suggest powering up your Android device, heading on over to Google Play and giving Record of Agarest War a gander? It’s available starting today for less than 10 bucks.

Anyone who argues that mobile isn’t as viable a platform for hardcore gaming as a portable console might want to think again. With games like Record of Agarest War popping up on the mobile market, there’s little outside of physical buttons that a Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita can offer that a mobile phone can’t. This is a big, big game, and now it’s all been crammed down and made available on Google Play for just $8.66 as a special introductory price through Dec. 31. From there, it’ll go up to $14.99.

The mobile platform is no stranger to RPGs, but the genre is typically occupied by smaller, more bite-sized fare that frequently plugs microtransactions into the mix. Not that there’s anything wrong with those other games but, when it comes to playing a classic, old school RPG with all sorts of modern bells and whistles to sweeten the pot, Record of Agarest War is the real deal.

“We are extremely excited to bring yet another premium full video gonsole game to mobile devices,” said HyperDevobox founder and CEO of Carlo Perconti, the folks responsible for porting Idea Factory’s RPG to the mobile space. “After our successful launch of Spectral Souls and Blazing Souls Accelate for Android users worldwide, we are confident that Record of Agarest War, one of the most profound and exciting game series in the genre, will satisfy the thirst of JRPG fans at home or on the go.”

Originally released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC via Steam, Record of Agarest War has been fully optimized for mobile, giving players the game’s full experience without having to cut any corners due to the more miniscule platform.

Thanks to our technology, we were able to optimize the original HD 6GB game date into 1.8 GB for mobile devices,” Perconti said. “However, I want to emphasize that the Android version is not a reduced/mobile version of the original, but retains the multimedia-rich game in its entirety, including all the original downloadable content.”

Record of Agarest War is all about strategy, featuring more than 100 hours of gameplay through a fully voiced storyline and more than 400 magic spells to use against another 400 enemies.

In case you prefer actual buttons, this particular title is compatible with MOGA controllers and automatically backs up your save via Google Cloud. There’s also all of the regular leaderboard and Achievement trimmings for that initial cost of $8.99. If that sounds like your cup ‘o tea, then head on over to Google Play and get to downloading.

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