GamersFirst's small dev team, Reloaded Productions, has started working on a small project. This team is separate from the one who works on APB: Reloaded, but they're still affiliated with G1. The name of the new game is Hailan Rising. It's a PVP MMO action game and it does away with levels, classes and XP meters.

It's probably easy for steamrolled noobs to exclaim “I'm not supporting this game, they should fix APB first, I get steamrolled all the time! All. The. Time!” well, it's okay because the game takes a different kind of approach to PvP that will reward savvy players with in-game shards they can use to buff or buy new skills. This means that intelligent players who know how to work the system will benefit most from this setup, as opposed to the player who spends inordinate amounts of money on pay-to-win gear. Check it out below.

I honestly can't tell from the brief Kickstarter video how well this game will turn out, but I suppose the concept isn't bad.

I imagine with a few more videos explaining how big the game world will be and what the combat will be like will determine how cool this project will be in the end. The other big question, of course, is what will end-game be like? Is this is a themepark PvP game or a sandbox PvP game? And how in-depth will the combat be? So many questions, not enough answers.

Anyways, the Kickstarter is barely underway so there's plenty of time (although not really) for Reloaded to hammer out more details and give us all a much more in-depth look at the game.

The real highlights of the game so far is the countless looting options (excellent for gamers who obsess over shields with a different color and a +1 to the stats), the skill-based progression instead of the stat/item based progression, as well as the territory control that enables users to take command of towers, towns and fortresses scattered throughout the land. It reminds me a little bit of DarkEden and Mortal Online...hopefully, it's not as buggy as the aforementioned titles and maybe it'll turn out be like a medieval version of terms of content scaling.

With a $275,000 Kickstarter goal it will be interesting to see if Reloaded Productions will be able to hit that goal in just 24 days. If the team can hit their stretch goal they'll port the game over to iOS and Android, which shouldn't be too difficult given that the game is being designed on Unity. For more information on Hailan Rising or the option to pledge, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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