Looking for a more Unreal Tournament themed shooter to occupy your free time? Well, Bridea has a game called Renaissance Heroes, which puts players in the culturally aware cityscapes of Italy while battling in fast and curious deathmatch arenas similar to Unreal Tournament.

The new trailer shows off a few of the game's maps, and just how the team-deathmatch plays out, as well as some of the weapons, including typical standard-fare renaissance-era looking rifles that shoot nothing like their slow-as-molasses counterparts; crossbows with insta-kill properties; and rocket launchers seem to round out the arsenal, bringing back classic mid-air TDM techniques from the 1990s, such as rocket-jumping. Enjoy.

It's hard to tell right now what would separate a game like this from other free-to-play titles, especially high-quality free-to-play titles such as Tribes: Ascend. However, given that Renaissance Heroes is free-to-play, looks gorgeous and seems to embody the spiritual essence of an Unreal Tournament title, I suppose it's at least worth checking out if you're a fan of this kind of play-style.

You can sign-up right now to participate in the closed-beta or visit the Official Website to learn more about Renaissance Heroes.

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