GameFuse’s freet-to-play first-person shooter, Renaissance Heroes is finally making its way to Steam, offering celebratory new content alongside some special perks exclusive to its new platform.

You know what’s played out at this point? Shooting people in modern combat scenarios. It’s the same old gear, the same old soldiers and terrorists and the same old maps including blown-apart buildings, shanty towns and snow-covered military complexes. What we need is a shooter that’s full of color, takes place in new and exotic settings and, oh, I don’t know, occurs sometime around the 16th century.

What’s that you say? A game like that already exists, it’s called Renaissance Heroes and it’s arriving today on Steam? Tell me more, Producer Matthew Lenehan.

“We’re excited to make Renaissance Heroes available on Steam” said Lenean in a press release from GameFuse. It’s assumed that he was smiling to an almost uncomfortable degree to show off said excitement. “Steam is the premiere destination for PC gamers, and we feel these gamers are the perfect fit for Renaissance Heroes. We hope to increase the competitiveness and intenseness of our gameplay by bringing a mix of new players to our already established Renaissance Heroes community.”

While the setting and firepower is different from the norm, you’ll likely notice familiar gameplay modes including capture the flag, seize the scrolls, deathmatch and duel. Billed by GameFuse as a twitch-based arena shooter, Renaissance Heroes will offer several new features now that it’s being launched on steam. A new hero will join the ranks, as well as a new map and weapons/devices.

As an added bonus, anyone who registers through Steam will earn a special banner that will allow them to gain XP more quickly, helping narrow the gap between newbies and experience vets. You’ll also earn a free Grinder-R submachine gun to help get your arsenal started. Finally, for one week only, players will be able to purchase weapon and costume bundles from the game for 75 percent off through Steam.

Visit the Renaissance Heroes Steam page to learn more and get in on the action.

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