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The mobile gaming and apps market is a steadily increasing one that has shown over and over again that it's not going away, despite the bubble not being quite as big as some companies put it out to be regarding comparisons to home consoles and PC gaming.

According to new reports from Juniper Research, the mobile app market will extend far beyond its 80 billion download estimate for 2013 and march right on ahead at a full 160 billion download forecast for 2017. That's a lot of people downloading a heck of a lot of apps.

The stats come the latest research report from Juniper, which released the details today. The report is labeled “Future App Stores: Discovery, Moonetisation & Ecosystem Analysis 2013 – 2018”. It covers the expanded market growth of app discovery and downloads, as well as app store revenue, which aims to cut out MNOs or Mobile Network Operators.

According to the report, there are new initiatives from up-and-coming and established services like Google to help spread the awareness and accessibility for app purchases and downloads from casual and core mobile users, noting...
the recently announced Google Play Game Services allows for real-time multiplayer games and leader boards across not only the Android platform but also iOS and the web. This, coupled with an increasing number of apps which are free at the point of download, will lead to an explosion in the total number of apps downloaded.

Previously, Juniper Research noted that the boom in app downloads could see the entire mobile landscape shift with continued momentum for a valuation of $65 billion in 2016

Even though mobile content is racking up massive numbers and companies like EA are going gung-ho on the mobile front with microtransactions and in-app content options, the mobile gaming division alone for tablets and phones, still pales in the larger markets where it competes against retail console games and portable gaming devices.

Furthermore, Juniper notes that paid-for or premium apps may be down from 6.1% this year, to 5% even in 2017. This means that free-to-try or free-to-download apps via mobile devices will definitely be the way to go if you're a service provider or app publisher. We're already seeing this growing trend amongst digital download games across home console systems, PC and current generation mobile devices.

Like always, these reports are forward looking and anything is possible in today's technologically savvy society. I mean, who would have thought that heading into the next generation of gaming the Xbox One would be the underdog and Sony would be the odds on favorite, four months out from launch?

Still, the data so far seems to consistently point to the mobile market continually growing, due in large part to emerging territories and regions like China, India and South America. The budding expansion of those countries pooling into the app-purchasing market will definitely contribute to the boom that Juniper outlines in their report. The data will look especially interesting once the beginning of 2014 rolls around and the next generation of mobile devices start peppering the marketplace.

You can learn more about the white paper from Juniper Research regarding the mobile market and the app market by paying a visit to their official website.

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