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Resistance: Fall of Man is coming

For all of the people out there that are Halo and (soon to be) Gears of War fans, Sony might just have the answer to a FPS fan’s dreams. It’s called Resistance: Fall of Man, which is set in an alternate world where the Chimera (aliens) have overrun most of Earth, and it’s up to the British and Americans to stop them. Resistance will be exclusive to the PS3, and the game looks to be one of the system’s early winners.

The game itself feels like it’s a combination of Call of Duty, Quake, and Halo. This comes from the combination of the graphics, the variety of weaponry, and how the in-game battles are scripted. The weaponry are a mixed assortment of human, Chimera, and hybrid weapons, which will alter the tactics and gameplay depending on what you’re specifically using. The game thus requires you to think about what you’re doing, going beyond the point-and-aim concepts of previous FPS games. Plus, these features make the multiplayer that much more interesting. The game will also utilize the motion sensor controls of the PS3 controllers, but to what extent it actually has on the gameplay is still to be determined.

As for multiplayer options, the game will support some 40 players on the same online server, which should be very interesting if they can pull it off nicely (and incidentally, that might prove beneficial, considering the sheer amount of weapons the game has). It remains to be seen how well the PS3’s online service actually supports having that many players, at once. The game will also have co-op for the offline game, with either CPU teammates or another player in the split screen mode.

Resistance: Fall of Man might be just what the doctor ordered for Sony’s PS3, which will need all the help it can get from its launch titles. This is also considering that the 360 will have Gears of War and Nintendo’s Wii will have Zelda poised for the holiday season. After spending much of the year with a discontented fan base (largely thanks to Sony’s Convention conferences and the PS3’s launch price), Sony needs to prove that its PS3 games are worth the wait.

Here’s the trailer for Resistance: Fall of Man, which, thankfully, includes actual gameplay: