A new video trailer has been released for Candenza Interactive's Retrovirus, a first-person, Descent type shooter planned for release in early goings of January, 2013 for PC. The six-degrees shooter's newest trailer depicts the combat between players and some very rampant viruses.

The game looks pretty good and reminds me a lot of Acclaim's Forsaken from way, way, way back in the day. The premise actually makes a lot of sense for those trapped in the world of geekdom as players will be tasked with fulfilling the role of an antivirus protocol and sent out through the electrical hemisphere of a computer to combat the raging viruses. Check it out below.

Graphically the game looks pretty good and gameplay wise I don't know if I was completely grasping what all the colorful zaps, blips, blops and lasers represented but I assumed that either the viruses or the players were opening up a digital can of kick-butt. Either way, if you enjoyed what you watched above, you can join in on the beta by signing up at the official website.

The game is coming along quite rapidly in development and should hit the January release next year if things keep heading in the current direction. Besides, we could use a few more six-degree shooters.

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