Mobile gamers looking for a console-quality rush on the go might want to try stealing and subsequently driving a rad sports car away from the police. Assuming that option is a no go, however, you can always play Ridge Racer Slipstream, which also comes with the added bonus of not getting arrested or wrapping a $1 million piece of machinery around an oak tree.

Namco Bandai, the folks behind game like Pac-Man, Tekken and SoulCalibur, have officially announced their latest title that has absolutely nothing to do with those games listed above. It's called Ridge Racer Slipstream, and it's available right this very moment from Google Play.

“Showcasing a brand new racing engine specifically designed for mobile and tablet devices, Ridge Racer Slipstream features several gameplay modes, challenging races and tracks, revved-up music and customization options to build the perfect racing vehicle,” reads a statement from Namco Bandai. “In addition to 20 unique racing tracks (10 tracks divided forward and backward), the title also incorporates tons of vehicle mods, allowing players to create their own dream machine.”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, publisher who will almost definitely never read these words, but my dream machine involves laser cannons and the ability to fly. Still, I'm sure your customized muscles cars are still nice for vehicles limited to movement on the road...and no cannons.

In order to keep mobile gearheads interested in this new game for as long as possible, the publisher has also announced plans for future content updates, including an online multiplayer mode for up to eight racers. It would have been nice to have that functionality in the initial launch but, hey, at least now we know it's coming at some point. Also, multiplayer on mobile is always a little tricky, so here's hoping they're taking the extra time to get it spot on.

Weren't you asking for a bulleted list of the content that's ready to roll in the game right this very second? Well, good, because I have it right here for you.

-Hundreds of customization possibilities to enhance the performance and look of your cars, including a variety of colors, rims, body kits and vinyls.
-12 different vehicles at launch with more coming in future free updates.
-A fully fleshed out Career Mode and three additional race modes in the Arcade menu, including Regular, Time Attack and Knockout.
-More than 100 different racing competitions across six Grand Prix series, all in high definition.

You can take Ridge Racer Slipstream out for a test drive now, free of charge, through Google Play. The full game can be purchased within the app itself.

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