Mgame USA's upcoming Rise of Dragonian Era is currently undergoing a series of closed-beta tests. The game still needs to stress test servers and in doing so gamers can be rewarded by participating in these stress tests and by rewarded I mean receive a brand new, high-end EVGA graphics card or a top of the line Logitech surround-sound headset.

As stated in the press release...
Featuring engaging story quests, a pet system centered on hatching your own dragon, extensive crafting and upgrading systems, a premium item store, auction houses, guild system, ground and aerial mounted combat systems, and a forthcoming castle siege mode. In RODE, fans will find a new and immersive fantasy world of dragons, conflict, and adventure.

The game has a unique system of metamorphisis, pets and mounts as mentioned in the quoted section above. The interesting thing is that the game seems to take elements from more action-oriented console games as opposed to being just another cookie-cutter Korean MMO clone. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it doesn't look all that bad...and the mounted aerial combat seems pretty cool.

You can sign-up right now to participate in Rise of the Dragonian Era or RODE closed-beta testing, which is underway right now, by paying a visit to the Official Website. Selected participants will be eligible to win Logitech, EVGA, in-game currency or $500 prize just for participating. RODE is set for public release a few months from now.

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