DarkSeas Games recently made it known that they have plans to bring their Road Rash-style, multiplayer racing game to Steam's Early Access platform early in September. The developers sent out word that Road Redemption is getting massive updates and upgrades before arriving in a playable state on Steam.

The studio managed to get through the arduous process of having their game Kickstarted, and then they went through the equally difficult leap of having to get their game greenlit for Steam. After overcoming the two toughest hurdles a development studio has to face before their game is made available on a well-recognized platform, the team is now prepping to make waves on Steam's Early Access.

They sent over a list of updates and features that they have planned to roll out for when the game does become available to the general public, including guns, which are said to operate similar to the shooting mechanics in Red Dead Redemption. The team has expanded the game's environments to include cities, forests and canyons. You'll even be able to drive on rooftops similar to the N64 version of Road Rash.

As noted in the press update...
“The game is a rogue-lite (you have one life to beat the game, it's different every time, but unlike a roguelike, you can boost your stats on every playthrough).

“In the game, when you die, you'll have access to an upgrade screen where you can permanently upgrade your character's stats. You gain XP on every playthrough, and you spend this XP at this upgrade screen. So every playthrough, you might be a little stronger than the last.”

The team is also implementing cool grappling hooks and jump-jets. I have no idea how they'll work but it sounds absolutely awesome. They're also adding in the ability to destroy vehicles using guns and explosives, as some of the cars will try to run you off the road. It only makes sense that you'll be able to fight back.

I know a lot of this sounds too good to be true, but you can also see some of the alpha footage of the game that was made available to Kickstarter backers with videos on YouTube. One of the more recent videos feature the weather and crazy car physics. Check it out below.

What's more is that they recently added in expanded multiplayer features, so gamers can actually grab some friends and have a go at the title. This includes local multiplayer for up to four-players via split-screen. Online modes will also be made available. Yes, the game is shaping up to be one of the most awesome racing games ever made, just in case you were thinking it but couldn't contain yourself enough to type it out.

You can look for Road Redemption to launch on Steam's Early Access as soon as early next month. I'll keep you posted on when it actually launches. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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