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Robot Chicken Coming To Spore

When the Galactic Adventures expansion for Spore is released next month, it will be accompanied by cybernetic poultry - a Robot Chicken, if you will. Downloadable content designed by the staff of the Adult Swim TV show will be available for the expansion at launch.

[[ br. ]] Galactic Adventures allows players to beam down to planets they discover in the space chase of Spore and perform a variety of missions. The Robot Chicken DLC is a series of missions said to feature "exploding poo, angry yetis, ruler yielding librarians, and more." It's all free, too.

The expansion comes with a toolset so players can create and share their own missions. The Robot Chicken missions sound completely bat-shit and should serve as a showcase of the adventure editor's versatility. The DLC and Galactic Adventures will be released digitally on June 23rd.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.