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The role-playing tabletop game based on the series of popular sci-fi adventures from Palladium Books has officially been funded on Kickstarter. The project racked in an amazing $1,442,312 on a very moderate $70,000 goal. That is some dedication from fans, eh?

Palladium Books wanted to bring the Robotech tabletop experience into the new generation of role-playing, featuring some of the most highly detailed miniature gaming pieces available for the fast-paced RPG experience.

Even though majority of gaming these days is focused on the electronic digital entertainment and interactive media experience, I think a well crafted tabletop game with fleshed out rules and a decent story book to accompany the game can still make waves in the industry. Based on that awesome Kickstarter video complete with that old 1980s footage of the Robotech cartoon, I can easily see why the Kickstarter easily surpassed its goal and then went on to kick butt, take names and then rack up more than $1 million in crowd-sourced funding.

As showcased in the video, many of the classic pieces and units made famous throughout Palladium's rich history of the series have been modeled in real-life plastic replicas, giving tabletop gamers a nice cache of some of their favorite Robotech mechs to pilot in the form of a tabletop RPG.

You can look for this Kickstarted project to become available at the end of this year during the Holiday Season, no sooner than December. For further information about the Robotech RPG Tactics tabletop game, feel free to visit the official Kickstarter page.

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