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Routine Gameplay Trailer Promises A Frightening Sci-Fi Experience

One of the most horrifying first-person survival games coming out is the indie game from Lunar Software called Routine. What do you do in Routine? You investigate a derelict spaceship that's been infested, invaded or taken over by some mysterious force.

The game has strong, strong ties to classic titles like System Shock and the original Deus Ex, giving players a very serious sense of emergence and desperation while trapped in a seemingly dire situation.

Initially, everything kind of feels like a really well made 1980s' sci-fi thriller, however things take a mean twist near the end of the alpha gameplay trailer when wading through that sewer area and we then realize that the game is not going to be a walk in the park. In fact, the game seemed to channel quite a bit of Ridley Scott's Alien when the player walks through the dark sewer access junction and hears the growls just before taking off running like a mad man. Brilliant.

I'm also really digging the sort of useless-space-age-weapon effect they have going on. If that robot who took a direct plasma blast to the chest and kept on trucking like it was 2001 was anything to go by, then enemies won't be downed easily in this game and that's a magnificent thing. Too often games seem to make players super-powered and never really enforce tactical retreats the way they should.

Also, how did you like the use of in-game computer terminals to open doors, access key codes and unlock new areas? I imagine that will be one very intense thrill ride when someone or something is chasing you and you have to fumble around with the keypads to open the doors and get away.

With some 1:1 Oculus Rift support and maybe some later inclusion of the Omni treadmill and we could be looking at one of the most terrifying first-person games ever made... ever!

After being successfully greenlit on Steam's Greenlight, at this junction gamers simply have to play the waiting game to get their hands on this title. And between this game and Among The Sleep, it looks like horror fans have plenty to look forward to in the creepy-first-person survival-horror sub-genre. It's a great time to be a gamer, no doubt.

You can learn more about the upcoming Routine by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.