It’s been a long time in the making, but flaregames has finally announced a release date for their upcoming mobile game, Royal Revolt II: King vs. King is nearly ready to roll, with a closed beta currently underway. For those of you waiting to start the battle, look for the official launch on Feb. 27 for iOS smartphones and tablets.

With only a few weeks to get everything ship shape in time for its late February release, flaregames is inviting select members of their Royal Revolt community to try out the new game before unleashing it upon the masses. Like its predecessor, flaregames has stated that King vs. King will also be a free download and, for those of you feeling left out on the Android, a release for your platform should come just a week later. Still feeling a little bummed that you have to wait seven extra days? Then perhaps you will find some solace in the fact that your version of the game will come with some undisclosed additional content to celebrate the second anniversary of Google Play. Don’t worry, iOS crowd, I’m sure said content will be added to your version of the game, too.

“Like its predecessor, Royal Revolt II brings new momentum to the tower defense genre,” reads a statement from flaregames announcing the impending release and the new beta. “Royal Revolt reversed the tower defense genre by putting players in the role of the attacker instead of the defender. The successor also brings a unique innovation to the genre. For the first time, players take on both roles, attacking and defending.”

I could be wrong, but I think what’s described above is your basic strategy game, not dissimilar from what you’d see in a battle taking place in StarCraft or even League of Legends. How will you best defend your own base? Which soldiers will work best against your opponent. Rather than worrying about just one side of the battle, King vs. King will have you juggling both, pushing forward to overthrow your opponent while simultaneously bolstering your own defenses.

Royal Revolt II is shaping up to become the unique strategy game e hoped it would become,” said flaregames Managing Director Pete Walentin. “We are super excited and can’t wait to see the battle starting. We have taken our time to build the best possible experience for our millions of Royal Revolt fans. On top of this, we already have a long list for more content and new features to extend the whole gaming experience.”

If nothing else, you’ve got to give them points for enthusiasm and post-launch support. The original Royal RevoltKing vs. King, it sounds like this latest offering will be taking everything fans love about the series and just heaping more of that into the mix.

We can all find out for ourselves when the game launches for iOS on Feb. 27, and a week later for Android.

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