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So just earlier today there was a press release about the new demo testing for the Infernal Game Engine. The technology is being licensed out by Terminal Reality and is currently being demoed in Red Rock, Nevada at the DICE conference. So how does Nocturne fit into all of this?

Well, Terminal Reality announced that during the demo showcase of the Infernal Engine, they have a next-generation (or rather, a current-generation), fully rendered 3D character model of The Stranger from the 1999 survival-horror game, Nocturne. I’m sure many of you are thinking that this doesn’t mean anything, but Terminal Reality developed the original Nocturne a decade ago. And while talks of a sequel never spawned any results, the re-emerging of The Stranger could indicate that a Nocturne 2 – and an official Nocturne 2, and not anything dealing with that crappy Blair Witch spinoff – is in the works.

According to the press release, Terminal Reality states, “Veteran monster-killer The Stranger (from Terminal Reality’s 1999 hit title NOCTURNE) appears here in his new incarnation, updated to take full advantage of Infernal Engine’s latest tech advances. The Stranger will be featured in upcoming Infernal Engine technology demos.”

What's more is that Terminal Reality has made it a huge focus of their promotional campaign for the Infernal Engine as having great viability for multiplatform support and design technology. They mentioned several times in the press release that it offers great support for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms. Hence, it's possible that the sequel for Nocturne could be appearing on consoles as well.

I'm pretty stoked about this because I've been waiting ten years for a real sequel to one of the best survival-horror shooters in gaming. Hopefully there will be more to this than just a 3D model of The Stranger. You can learn more about the Infernal Engine and Terminal Reality by visiting their Official Website. Stay tuned in with Blend Games as we uncover more about the mysterious case of The Stranger, and other gaming news.

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