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Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tinga-OH NO GOBLINS ARE ATTACKING EVERYBODY RUN! The holiday festivities continue over the next couple of days as RuneScape celebrates another “Winter Weekend” with mini-game prizes for all of the good little boys and girls.

What would the holidays be without presents? If you dive into the massive multiplayer online role playing game, RuneScape over the weekend and take some of the title’s mini-games for a spin, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Whether you’re a longtime player looking to enjoy some extra goodies or a brand new knight looking for a little extra boost as you get rolling on your adventure, everyone can benefit from this weekend’s event.

From Midnight tonight (GMT) through 11:59 Sunday evening, seven of RuneScapes side distractions will be pumping out extra rewards simply for playing the game. For starters, Castle Wars will award double the usual points at the end of the game while Soul Wars will grant double the amount of zeal. Trawler will give players twice as many fish, as well as double the XP for taking part in the activity. Pest Control will award 2X the points while Big Chinchompa will double your Competence Points earned. The evil tree will give you twice the number of items, as will Shooting Star.

As a final holiday treat, anyone who plays RuneScape through December will also be given a Festive Aura reword, which grants a 50 percent XP boost for 30 minutes a day.

The Winter Weekend goes live in just a few hours, so get ready to start playing. For more information or to register for RuneScape, head on over to the official website.