School may be starting back up soon, but thankfully there's still time for at least one more gaming summer celebration. Jagex, creators of the free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape, have announced a Sizzling Summer Promotion in which members can snag a bunch of free goodies and loads of extra experience simply by playing the game through August and September.

“I'm excited for us to be able to offer this awesome set of rewards to our members,” said Brand Director Simon Etchells. “2012 has been a big year for RuneScape and our players, so it's only fitting we give our members something more to smile about this summer. No matter what the weather, we hope this will heat up everyone's game.”

The Sizzling Summer Promotion is open to all players who are active members through August and September. If you're a member every day through August, you'll get 350,000 extra experience at the end of the month and an extra bonus spion on the prize-giving Squeal of Fortune every day. If you keep playing through September, your rewards are doubled to an additional 700,000 experience at the end of the month and two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune every day.

Along with the extra XP and prize spins, players will be awarded nine new items to customize their avatars with, including a Tropical Islander outfit, a new character title, additional cosmetic accessories and a “Crab Transformation Dance” emote. Whatever that last thing is, it sounds absolutely lovely.

The promotion will also grant exclusive access to four of the most powerful games to ever be released upon RuneScape, including Dodgint Death, emergency healing boxes, instant kill darts and remote deposit boxes.

You've got a few days left before the promotion kicks off on August 1. If you're in the market for some epic questing across a fantasy world (not the most original, sure, but it's free), then head on over to RuneScape's official website.

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