All right, so prepare yourselves: remember how Runic had a big announcement for today? Well, Runic Games announced today that come Friday, August 31st they will announce the official release date for Torchlight 2. The announcement for the announcement of the release date that announces when the game will become available, was not met with a lot of enthusiasm.

Don't get me wrong now, people are excited about the game just not excited about an announcement for an announcement. The post is right there on the main page of Runic Games' website, plastered up front for everyone to see and get semi-excited about. I suppose one thing worth noting is that the announcement actually ties into the game's showcase at PAX Prime next week, so it's not just a standard pre-announcement for an announcement like some products.

The post stats that...
Happy Friday! We'll get right to it - we have some news for you:

We will announce our release date on Friday, August 31st.

August 31 kicks off of our favorite con, PAX Prime, and we'll be there to show Torchlight II and tell everyone the official Torchlight II launch date!

For those of you who don't know (or need a little reminder) Torchlight II is being referred to from the jaded-Diablo III players as the Diablo III killer. The indie title has picked up quite a bit of steam thanks to things like the always-on DRM and Real-Money Auction House interfering with some of the fun-factors of Diablo III.

Torchlight II basically sports customizable characters, isometric hack-and-slash action and dynamic RPG elements for those of you who want a polished loot-and-grind experience. Many of the former team members from Blizzard North actually moved on to join Runic and work on the original Torchlight, so some members of the gaming community are labeling it as the spiritual successor to Diablo.

Everyone will be able to see a lot more of this game come August 31st during PAX Prime when Runic plans on officially announcing the game's release date. For more information on Torchlight II feel free to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.

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