Fan of the old-school Cannon Fodder and General Chaos? Well, another game is in the works that advances on those concepts called Running With Rifles. The game is an isometric, multiplayer action shooter that takes place in massive free environments with countless AI and players all doing battle against one another.

The gimmick is pretty simple: one shot and you're dead, so don't get shot. This all takes place as players attempt to traverse the mangled, war-torn maps littered with bases, artillery and tanks. Check the game out for yourself in the trailer below.

Looks like this would be a ton of fun with a few friends. Gameplay depth doesn't seem to be on the agenda that much, but if you're looking for a fun game that embraces battlefield war culture, I don't think you could get anything as remotely large-scale as Running With Rifles.

Strangely, the only other game that seems to embrace that style of play is SOE's Planetside 2. But that's a whole different kind of game for a different kind of discussion.

Anyway, if you like what you've seen in the trailer above and you're curious about battling hundreds of AI and players on large-scale maps with cover-based gameplay, be sure to give Running With Rifles an upvote over on the official Greenlight page.

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