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Saturday Morning RPG and Aces Wild, two graduates of the school of Greenlight gaming have officially become available for Steam users.

Both Saturday Morning RPG and Aces Wild were indie titles looking for a little love on Greenlight, with Saturday Morning RPG making it onto the service back in August of 2012. Aces Wild was a little closer to the cut, with game arriving on Greenlight in August of 2013.

Interestingly enough, both games launched this week within days of each other, arriving on Valve's digital distribution portal at discounted prices.

Both games are a throwback to nostalgic gaming, bringing sprite-based awesomeness back to the forefront of gaming in unique ways. Aces Wild is a wild romp that channels classics like Gunstar Heroes, enabling gamers to power-up and beat the crap out of opponents using flashy martial arts and spiffy special attacks. Check it out in the trailer below.

Aces Wild is available right now for 10% off the normal price for $8.99. You can grab a digital copy from the Steam Store. I picked up a copy as soon as I saw it in the news feed and plan to get in some play time with this game as soon as I can.

As for Saturday Morning RPG... I've installed it but I probably won't get around to playing it any time soon, but it's being hailed by critics and players alike as a real awesome throwback to a bygone era of greatness. I mean, kids cartoons and Saturday mornings these days suck more than Justin Bieber if he were put in a maximum security prison.

What's more is that I love the look and feel of the game, insofar that it incorporates a ton of the awesome elements that really helped shape the late 80s and early 90s in the television cartoon space... specifically, Saturday morning cartoons.

The game features many of the classic RPG elements, such as stat grinding, power-ups, special abilities, bosses, side-quests and more. It uses sprites to best help convey the aesthetic nostalgia from that awesome era that helped shape childhood memories and classic moments of kid-filled fawning.

You can grab Saturday Morning RPG from the Steam Store as well for less than $10. If you need a little help getting amped for the game, you can check out a brief gameplay walkthrough for the RPG, which is available for PC, mobile and on everyone's favorite $99 home console... the OUYA. Check out the video below.

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