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Independent game studio CUBEHEART is seeking Kickstarter funds for their upcoming game SCALE. SCALE is a first-person "reality manipulation game" that lets players change the size of in-game objects.

"You play as young physics savant Penny Prince, inventor of a device which can suck the size out of one thing and shoot it into another," says CUBEHEART of the game. "SCALE begins as Penny awakes in prison, convicted of 9,322,591 counts of Depraved Heart Murder for accidentally destroying the east coast. Someone has confiscated her cat. Against the express advice of the rehabilitative therapy coordinator now living inside her brain, she hastily reconstructs her device using materials from a nearby cellphone recycling bin and embarks upon escape in an attempt to regain her freedom and her cat."

This device allows players to shrink or enlarge items as much as they want. Some of the applications of this device are very straightforward. For example, you can make a spider smaller so it can't hurt you or expand a box to use it as a stepping stone.

If those examples were the extent of this game mechanic, SCALE would be pretty boring. However, some of the possibilities are really surprising. In one scene in the trailer, the player enlarges a treasure chest until she can fit through the keyhole and retrieve an item inside. Later, she grows a monster to enormous proportions so that she can jump in its mouth and exit out the uh, other end.

"A tree, a wall, an enemy, a passing cloud, even the levels themselves are all 'SCALEable.' Space is relative in the game so progress is as much conceptual as it is physical. The unique mechanic of SCALEing is inspired by games like Portal and The Swapper. Progression through the game is freeform and open like Mario 64 or early Zelda overworlds. It’s all about exploring and discovering secrets!"

CUBEHEART is hoping to raise $87,000 through Kickstarter to release the project on PC, Mac and Linux. If they manage to get $100,000, they'll add support for Oculus Rift. They'll give players a level editor so they can build their own challenges should they raise $175,000.

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