Scene It? Game Website Opens For Hollywood Hopefuls

Screenlife, the developers of the most popular interactive DVD game in the entire world, announced today that Scene It? will be receiving its very own website. Gamers can check out the new website as it turns classic DVD interactivity into a whole new social networking experience.

According to the press release, Barry Watts, Chief Executive Officer of Screenlife commented, saying…

"Fans from around the world have enjoyed playing Scene It? on a variety of platforms," … " represents a crucial step in the evolution of the Scene It? brand and allows players to tap into a vibrant community where they can enjoy a socially connected game experience everyday. We are thrilled to offer our fans the convenience of playing Scene It? whenever and wherever they find themselves online."

The game isn’t just about movie trivia and Hollywood history, there are actually some neat features planned for implementation, including user generated content for new trivia puzzles and challenges. An entertainment page is planned for development so users can check out reviews, clips and videos of the latest movies. And last but not least, a fan club is in the making so gamers can gather and socialize over their favorite movies.

The site itself features some pretty neat rewards for players who invite more friends and win at the puzzles and trivia. The in-game currency is known as Glitz and the more popular a player becomes, the more games a player wins and the more friends that are invited, then even more Glitz is earned and the more glamorous the player's lifestyle becomes.

You can check out the Official Scene It? Website to start creating your own character and having some movie/tv trivia fun. For more gaming news, updates, info and media, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.