If you thought Wargaming.net was going to stick with tanks and planes and leave everything else to other publishers, think again. The company is proving that they want to dominate the free-to-play space with competitive vehicular multiplayer gaming, and their upcoming free-to-play title, World of Warships, just received a batch of new screenshots.

Wargaming.net shot to the top of the charts as a recognized force to be reckoned with when World of Tanks took off and garnered a massive and sustained player base, making it one of the most played MMOs on the market. Now, Wargaming.net is taking things a step further with World of Warships, a game of similar ilk to World of Tanks save for the ability to command powerful navy machines on the great highway of the seas.

The latest screenshots come courtesy of MMOSite, showcasing various destroyer, battleship and carrier class ships looking domineering and unstoppable on the watery battlefield. You can check out the full set of screenshots below, which isn't many, but still what's there is there.

You can learn next-to-nothing more by paying a visit to the Official World of Warships Website. The company will undoubtedly release more info as the game nears release.

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