Subscribe To Scribblenauts Remix Celebrates One Million Downloads With Free DLC Updates
Scribblenauts Remix, an enhanced version of the 5TH Cell's DS puzzle game, has been a smashing success on iOS. Today publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that Remix racked up over one million downloads in the App Store.

In Scribblenauts, players solve puzzles by force of their imagination. They can summon a variety of objects, people, or animals by writing down their name. Let's say a level asks you to catch a butterfly. You could get the butterfly by summoning a ladder, a net, or a jetpack. There are countless solutions to each puzzle.

Remix was first released with forty levels picked from Scribblenauts and sequel Super Scribblenauts, as well as 10 brand-new levels. Since the game's App Store debut, though, 20 more levels have been added. Like Super, Remix allows you to modify objects with adjectives. Instead of summoning a regular old horse, you can summon a "smelly red pregnant horse."

To commemorate Remix's one million downloads on App Store, the developers have released a free Valentine's Day update. The update adds a Valentine's Day themed playground. You're encouraged to summon holiday-themed objects like a "loving, polka-dotted charonosaurus" or "giant, pink, flying chocolate box."

Remix can be purchased through the App Store for $0.99.

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