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See The New Super Mario Maker Leaked Costume

One of the special vehicles from the Game Boy version of Super Mario Land was unearthed in Super Mario Maker by a data miner. The vehicle happens to be something gamers may not have expected to show up in the Wii U title.

Nintendo Everything spotted a post over on Reddit where user memoryman3 explains that the latest version of Super Mario Maker apparently contained some extra bits of info leading to an upcoming release that contains costume #112. What is costume #112? Well there are some images posted up in the Reddit thread that leads to imgur where it shows Mario piloting the sky pop from Super Mario Land.


According to the Reddit post, the sky pop is a complete 2D representation of the same one from the 1989 rendition of the game from the Nintendo Game Boy. The sky pop is even in the same black and white (or is it green and white?) color scheme that the Game Boy was known for.

It's one of many different costumes that have been made available in the level maker since its release back in September for the Wii U.

They don't say if the sky pop has any other special abilities other than shooting down enemies just like it did in the original Gameboy release.

One of the common questions from some gamers is if that means more costumes and items from Super Mario Land will make an appearance?

A lot of the community are hoping to see other characters make an appearance in Super Mario Maker, including Daisy, as well as the spaceship from Super Mario Land.

Nintendo has a bit of a gold mine on their hand with Super Mario Maker because they can just keep on updating the game with new content based around the content of previously released games or newly released games.

The real highlight of the level creation toolset is that it allows gamers to barrel back in time and create levels that are designed for the original Gameboy and NES all the way up to the New Super Mario Bros game that came out on the original Wii.

What's more is that the level designs, characters and tiles are actually all distinctly different for each generation of Super Mario games. So you'll get the slidey, fast little Mario from the NES if you use that Mario while you'll get a heavier, more stable Mario if you choose to go with the 3D one from the Wii. This gives gamers complete control over how they sculpt their levels and what sort of play-style they're going for with their levels.

It remains to be seen how the sky pop from the old Gameboy title will play out in the final thing, but we at least know that Nintendo has the vehicle in the pipeline for a future update of Super Mario Maker now that we know that the assets are in the game.

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