Nvidia unveiled a number of new devices and updates during their press conference at the CES 2012 event. Some of the new tablets and phones powered by the quad-core mobile processor were highlighted during the conference. However, gamers only care about CES when there's something gaming related attached to it and Nvidia did not disappoint, showing off brand new trailers for the upcoming Shadowgun games for Tegra 3 powered tablets and phones.

The cool part is that you can see just how far along mobile devices have come in such a short period of time. The bad part is that it shows just how dated the Xbox 360 and PS3 are by comparison. The physics and environmental destruction are especially impressive. Check it out below.

The video details a lot of graphical and processing enhancements available for Tegra 3 powered devices, including lots of multiple physics-based objects such as clothing and particles, as well as enhanced water and lighting effects.

Shadowgun: Deadzone will allow up to eight-players to go head-to-head in some heated multiplayer combat while Shadowgun: THD will offer gamers an enhanced, stereoscopic, HD version of the classic Madfinger title, Shadowgun, complete with optimized performance and graphical updates to take full advantage of the new Tegra quad-core processor. Both games are scheduled to release soon for all Tegra 3 powered mobile devices.

You can check out a complete listing of all the Nvidia announcements and updates available over at the Official Nvidia Blog.

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