Another Shadowrun game is now seeking funds through Kickstarter. Shadowrun Online is an MMO for browsers and tablets that lets players take on the role of a mercenary in a cyberpunk/fantasy near-future.

Players will be able to form groups with other "Shadowrunners" and undertake a variety of unsavory missions. For example, they might fight a gang of Orks or steal sensitive data from a megacorp. Missions will require strategy, stealth, or maybe just firepower.

The plotline of Shadowrun Online is to some extent player-driven. Cliffhanger says that players' actions won't just affect the game world, though. They'll also have some impact on the storyline of the pen-and-paper Shadowrun game. This could turn out to be a defining feature if executed well.

"While our MMO is extremely modest by the big budget standards of today, it costs far more than a development company of our size is able to afford on our own," says Cliffhanger. "Due to the license restraints, it is hard to get traditional publishers interested, and we didn't want to give away creative control over the project, or the ability to shape the game together with you, the fans."

Cliffhanger's decision to use Kickstarter was no doubt influenced by the success of Shadowrun Returns on the site. Returns, a single-player RPG set in the same universe, raised over $1 million in its own Kickstarter drive earlier this year.

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