Subscribe To Shattered Horizon Update Patch Has Drifted Online Updates
The zero-gravity, multiplayer space-shooter, Shattered Horizon, recently received a new update that adds a few new features to the game, as requested by the community. Now if I must say so myself, Futuremark is really making a name for themselves with their community-first approach for maintaining Shattered Horizon and it will definitely spell huge success in the long run.

According to the press release, new key-binding features have been added that allow gamers to quick-select grenades, roll left or right with individual key assignments and change the color palette of the EMP grenade. That’s not the only changes that have been made to the game, though.

A series of bug fixes, control modifications and a few glitches have all been tended to by the developers. A complete listing of the patch and update can be viewed over at the Official Shattered Horizon Website.

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