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Sherwood Dungeon Adds New Allies, Pets And Mounts

If you’re the kind of curious adventurer who loves blasting through the forest screaming at the top of your lungs while mounted on a lion, fighting off hordes of goblins in the process, then you’ll probably be excited about the new Sherwood Dungeon news regarding the ability to mount lions and wolves, as well as having new allies to accompany and new pets. News broke that Sherwood Dungeon, the browser-based MMORPG, has received a major update that’s sure to draw in new and returning players.

As stated in the press release…

An additional feature for those who purchase pets in Sherwood is the ability for players to transform their characters into the form of their pets. Explore the world and fight monsters while transformed into a Dragon, Unicorn, Spider, Shadowfey, and more. If that wasn’t enough, the Wolf and Lion pets can now be ridden as mounts. Along with the Horse and Unicorn mounts, players now have plenty of options for striking fear into Sherwood’s minions while leading the charge mounted on these ferocious beasts.

Gamers looking to pump up their adventure levels to boisterous new heights can acquire the services of Shadowfey, a descendant of the Picts, a fearsome Celtic tribe. The Shadowfey come in the form of either a Priestess or a Knight, however they are cash shop items so you’ll need to buck over a few real life coins to have their services at your disposal.

You can learn more about Sherwood Dungeon and the new update, or try your hand at the game which happens to be free-to-play, by visiting the Official Website.

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