Ubisoft's employees may cry and whine a lot about PC piracy but the company as a whole seems to have some innovative stuff in the pipeline for all those pirates. The latest game from Ubisoft is being developed by Nadeo and will join their Mania Planet portal as a community-driven MMO shooter.

ShootMania Storm Online will be a creative venture running on the ManiaPlanet 2.0 tech, which will enable gamers to create a lot of various kinds of content for the game.

Nadeo's FPS venture comes on the heels of their highly successful online racing titles, TrackMania and TrackMania 2, both of which are also published by Ubisoft.

Unfortunately, details on how the game is played and what sort of weapons will be available were nil. However, that doesn't mean we can't speculate based on the concept art: it appears futuristic weapons may be the standard form of combat. Lightning or phaser wrist-launchers seem to be the choice weapons based on that poster. Also, given how high the characters are falling, jump-boots, launch-pads or anti-grav devices seem to be a key accessory for navigating the maps.

Anyways, more details will emerge as the game draws closer to release later this year during the summer. For now you can head on over to the empty ShootMania Website where more details are bound to go live at some point.

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