Now that Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios’ over-the-top, action movie cliché-ridden four-player PC brawler, The Showdown Effect, has moved into its open beta phase, the folks behind the game have decided it’s time to introduce the masses to the characters who make up the roster in a new “Meet the Cast” trailer.

Much like the game itself, this latest trailer is a mash-up of sorts. Not only does it serve to introduce players to the action flick archetypes they’ll be able to control, but it also gives a brief glimpse at the making of the game in the form of dev-diary snippets.

In just a moment, you will be introduced to Arrowhead’s Johan Pilstedt and Emil Englund as they discuss the making of The Showdown Effect and introduce four of the game’s main characters. We’ll hear about Dutch McClone, a time-traveling Austrian searching for his true identity; Lance Kablodski, the grizzled cop with only one day remaining before retirement; Hailey Skye, a girl genius on the hunt for her father’s killer; and Shur Foo, a dapper gentleman with a knack for punching the crap out of things.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what The Showdown Effect has to offer, you can sign up for the beta by heading to the game’s official website. If you’re in the mood for more info and videos, then you can check out The Showdown Effect’s Facebook page.

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