SimCity Airships DLC Takes Flight

The skies are about to become much more crowded in your virtual city. A new Airships Set for SimCity allows you to add manned balloons to your metropolis.

Placing an Airship Hangar in your city will allow you to receive both Commuter and Tourist Airships. In addition to boosting the number of workers and tourists in your town, respectively, these airships will also alleviate the traffic in your streets.

"The base Tourist Airship delivers tourists with more capacity than the base Municipal Bus, Passenger Train Station or Municipal Airport, but less than the Cruise Ship Dock," says Maxis. "The module for the Commuter Airship has the same capacity as the Tourist Airship."

The traffic relief is welcome. Overcrowded streets, and the subsequent pollution, are big issues confronting any Sim mayor. Is there no drawback to airships, though? They bring in tourists and commuters while alleviating traffic and leaving no discernible pollution? Do they have a chance of blowing up like the Hindenburg, at least?

Also included in the set are two balloon parks. These parks will allow residents to take hot air balloon rides through the city. Again, no word on whether those can blow up. Damn it, Maxis, tell me what blows up. Sim deaths are the only things that entertain me anymore.

The Airships Set can be purchased for $8.99 through Origin, the in-game menu, or the game's launcher. It's not a cheap DLC pack, to be sure. The plus side of paying for the content, though, is that that it's not blanketed in ads for Nissan.

If you're getting bored with SimCity, you'd probably be better off getting the Amusement Park DLC. It also unlocks new buildings but does so in a minigame-like fashion that seems much more interesting. It actually changes the way that you play the game in some appreciable way. The Amusement Park add-on is about the same price as the Airship Set as well.