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Starting today, SimCity players will be able to design amusement parks for their virtual cities. Maxis describes the new feature as being "almost a mini-game."

With most buildings in SimCity, you simply choose where to put it and that's it. However, for amusement parks you're in charge of the exact layout. You'll decide where to place signs, attractions, admissions gates, and concession stands. You'll even build mini-train stations with rails to make it easier for Sims to navigate the park.

The layout of the park actually matters, too. Your city earns money from guests going on rides or purchasing items from concession stands. A properly organized park that offers Sims plenty of diversions will earn more than money than a poorly designed one.

It sounds like a fun addition to the game but one thing does concern me a bit: city size. It's easy to use up all the available real estate in your city within a few hours. Maxis made the cities small on purpose to encourage players to use the game's multiplayer, which allows different cities in the same region to trade resources. Amusement parks will make it even harder to manage space due to how large they are. If you build an amusement park, you're committing toward having a tourism-oriented city.

The Amusement Park DLC will be available for purchase through Origin. The product page is currently showing an error message, though. Sounds like business as usual.

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