Amid all the controversy over SimCity's troubled launch, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that some gamers are actually having fun with it. YouTuber Calvin Chan has published a stylish video tribute to the metropolis he created.

The video shows footage of various parts of the city using a black-and-white filter. It makes the town look like the setting of an old-timey detective story. The song playing in the background is Redemption Pt. 3 by Andrew Hale, from the L.A. Noire soundtrack.

"Some people complain it's too easy, too quick. Dial it back, zoom in," says Chan. "Like many things in life, sometimes you just need to slow it down, and look closer to see the more beautiful things in life."

One of the best parts of SimCity is the level of detail in the visuals. You can zoom in and watch the Sims going about their daily routine. The "life" of the city makes creating the city all the more satisfying. See that guy over there who's robbing a bank? He wouldn't exist with you. And he wouldn't be killed by tornadoes without you, either.

SimCity launched on March 5th. Maxis says that they'll have the game running at full speed within a few days. They're promising to give players a free game to compensate for all the trouble.

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