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When you step into a pretty room and notice a turd on top of a ceiling fan that isn't turned on, most people assume that it'd be wise not to turn the fan on. EA, however, doesn't care about that kind of stuff and they'll turn the fan on and turn that pretty room into a brown reservoir of stink. That's exactly what happened with the upcoming SimCity and the anti-consumer EULA that made it into public circles, and now EA is trying to scrub the stink off the walls with a toothbrush.

You might that remember not too long ago we reported on a story from SideQuesting about EA's right to ban you out of your entire game's catalog if you didn't properly report bugs in the upcoming beta of the 2013 edition of SimCity. Well, Blues News spotted an update to the fallout that followed the public outing of the EULA, and it appears EA didn't intend or have plans to ban anyone from their entire catalog of games for not reporting bugs, saying on the official SimCity facebook that...
Heads up, Mayors – it’s been brought to our attention that there’s been some confusion regarding the bug-reporting policy in the EA beta test agreement for SimCity.

Don’t worry – EA has never taken away access to a player’s games for failing to report a bug. In fact, we’re in the process of updating our agreement to make this point clear before the beta starts this Friday. If you have any more questions, read our FAQ: http://bit.ly/UCpuAA

Hope to see you in the beta Friday!

Oh well there you go, that's all fixed up nice and neat. You see, EA wasn't planning on being Evil Again, they just didn't properly oversee their Evil Legal Division and a little bit of Evil slipped onto the SimCity EULA. It's nothing to worry about folks, the beta is completely and entirely safe.

I do find it funny that the statement notes that EA “has never taken away access to a player's games for failing to report a bug” but they have taken away a player's games for comments on the forums deemed inappropriate by the company. So yeah...just consider that when you sign your soul away on the dotted line for the SimCity beta, which gets underway this Friday.

You can learn more by visiting the Official SimCity Website.